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Acceptable Score Guidance

As before, any player wishing to submit an Acceptable Score for handicap purposes MUST pre-register their intention before playing their round.
Note: Failure to register before playing will result in a player’s score being deleted and the possibility of a penalty score being awarded
Guidance on Returning an Acceptable Score at BVGC:
Players wishing to submit an Acceptable Score for handicap purposes for general play must do so by using the Intelligent Golf App on their mobile device. Please note the following summary:
• Register for an acceptable score on the IG App before commencing play. Entry on a tee booking sheet does not in itself satisfy this requirement.
• All players must exchange hard scorecards and mark another player’s score.
• The marker must have an active WHS Handicap Index.
• The player must submit his own score via the IG App on the day played. Late submissions will be deleted.
• A photograph of the players signed scorecard must be uploaded via the IG App. Ensure your name, handicap index, course handicap, date, tee used, gross score for each hole, name of marker and your signature are clearly legible and visible.
1. Failure to submit a score after pre-registering will incur a penalty score as determined by the handicap committee in accordance with CONGU guidance.
2. Players who are unable to use/access the IG App must pre-register with the Pro Shop prior to play. The pro shop will then submit a photograph of the players scorecard to the handicap secretary for action.
3. All members are encouraged to use the England Golf App when playing at another course.
Using the IG App:
• Ensure you are within 5 miles of BVGC.
• Open the App and select ‘Handicap Record’.
• Select the square (scorecard) icon top right corner to register your intent to submit a score.
• Select ‘Course’ (18-hole, 9-hole etc), Choose Tee (White or Yellow), Select format (Medal or Stableford).
• Enter your gross score for each hole.
• Select ‘Finish’ once you have confirmed/verified your score for each hole.
• Select ‘Upload a picture of your scorecard’ and choose ‘photograph scorecard’, take a clear photograph and then select ‘Upload’.
• Your score and scorecard will then be uploaded.
• Any adjustment to your WHS handicap index is completed automatically.
Local Rules. The local rules dated 19th July 2021 as found under ‘Local Rules’ on the BVGC Intelligent Golf website will remain in effect until further notice. Please note: all local rules allow for acceptable scores to be submitted unless course conditions dictate otherwise.
Please contact your respective handicap secretary if further clarification is required.
Men’s Handicap Secretary BVGC

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